Does winning Australian lottery make you really happy?

One of the main subjects that psychologists are concerned with is the psychology of happiness. And due to the fact that winning lottery of any kind, including some of the amazing lotteries in Australia, is considered to be an event that triggers a response of extreme happiness, they used these occurrences to study how happy an individual gets when they win such a large amount of money.

The study did not involve Australian lottery winners, but American ones since it was conducted in the US, but we can safely assume that the results would have been the same. Namely, the results indicated that winning the lottery does not make you happy in the long run. In fact, they discovered that the elation is short-term and that the winners soon return to their old happiness levels. This may seem like something very strange, but it is a simple scientific fact. Moreover, they discovered that it takes the same amount of time to recover after a tragedy as it takes to lose that feeling of happiness that you get from winning lottery.

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There are additional reasons why winning the lottery does not make you too happy, as most Australian lottery winners would tell you if you asked them. Namely, winning the jackpots that can exceed millions of dollars changes everything and changes it in a sneaky way, so to say.

First of all, you are never again certain as to why someone likes you and why they want to spend time with you. For instance, let’s imagine that you are a man and that you just won a jackpot on Saturday Lotto, the most popular lottery in Australia. You become well-known for your win and a few months later, you meet a girl in a bar. She seems to like you and she seems to be looking for something more than just sharing a drink. The first thing that you will think is that she is after your money. It is that innate paranoia that we all have inside and that starts to explode in situations like this. You might even start seeing your old friends that you know from time before you earned money as people who are in it only for your money.

In addition to this, there are some other issues that might bring a cloud to your lottery winning parade. For example, a lot of people find the meaning in their life by overcoming adversity and rising to the challenges. For the most part, the challenges are gone when you have enough money that you do not have to work a day in your life. Other people find it simply tiring.

All in all, it is a complex issue and you should at all times keep in mind that true happiness is found in small things that do not have to do with money. Still, a few mills never hurt anyone.

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